What are three of the four key points of the personal worldview imperative

Like most core foundations, worldviews are generally hidden from sight.

What are three of the four key points of the personal worldview imperative

Toward a Christian Worldview Submitted By: In summarizing this lesson, the authors divided the introduction to the study of worldviews into four major chapters: The key point made by the authors in summarizing the entire lesson was that Biblical Christianity is the only true consistent, coherent, and logical worldview or philosophy today because it comes directly from the eternal mind of God.

All other worldviews or philosophies come from the finite speculations of fallen man in his state of unregenerate total depravity. It is imperative that Christians develop a knowledge of what is true philosophy, what is a Biblio-centric worldview, and what are the false philosophies that come from the mind of man.

What are three of the four key points of the personal worldview imperative

The importance of developing a unifying system of thought or worldview was reiterated by the authors in a quote by R. Sproul discussed this on a larger societal level, it has application for each person on an individual level. This aspect of the lesson focused on the need to study philosophy and to come to an understanding that there are two radically different worldviews, Christian and non-Christian, and that there is not and nor can there be any neutral or compromise position that can be found between these two competing worldviews.

The Christian philosopher is totally committed to God and dependent on His Word. In contrast, the non-Christian philosopher is not committed to God and His Word, and instead views the world though the lenses of finite man and the endless speculations from his own viewpoints. The authors noted that all worldviews or philosophies have presuppositions that are the axiomatic foundations for their belief systems.

For the Christian, the first and absolutely essential presupposition is that the Bible alone is the Word of God and no other religious writings in the world contain His inspired revelation.

This is done in order to deceive or take captive men through their own errant philosophies. However, their writings come from the mind of finite man and not from the mind of the infinite God. The non-Christian is described as being foolish, unwise, and false philosophers who have chosen to worship man as the sum of all things instead of the Creator.

The Christian, in contrast, is described as a wise man. From a Biblical worldview he examines all things through the lenses of Scripture.

The four most basic elements or tenets of philosophy included the study of epistemology the theory of knowledgemetaphysics the theory of realityethics how one should liveand politics the theory of government. The key component to any theological or philosophical system was the study of epistemology or a theory of knowledge.


Without some type of standard with which to measure or gauge a basis for belief epistemologyman cannot know what is authoritative, whit is right or wrong, valid or invalid, or what is a true theory of reality and what is not.

How can we know anything shows why an epistemic base is always necessary. The three major non-Christian theories of knowledge were examined in a brief history of philosophy. These theories were pure rationalism, empiricism, and irrationalism.

Each theory was examined in light of a Christian worldview and the weakness of each came quickly to the forefront when compared to an infinite God and His Holy Word. Having said that, the lesson pointed out quite succinctly that of the many philosophical systems that war against Christianity, the most dangerous and insidious is the idea that we do not and cannot know the truth.

There are those who claim that nothing can be known for certain. This type of revealed knowledge or philosophy can only come from the mind of God Himself.


Anything else is just mere speculation from the finite minds of finite men. The Bible alone, not any other so-called religious writings, is the Word of God and it has a systematic monopoly on truth. The Bible itself masks these claims while few other religious writings make the same assertions.

Since it is God Himself who communicates to us through His written Word, the Christian faith is therefore logical, measurable, consistent, coherent, and true.Anthropology is a global discipline involving humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

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The Origin of Philosophy: The Attributes of Mythic/ Mythopoeic Thought. The pioneering work on this subject was The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man, An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East by Henri Frankfort, H.A. Frankfort, John A. Wilson, Thorkild Jacobsen, and William A.

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