The einsatzgruppen

Rudolf Hoess, the barbaric Commandant of Auschwitz, was a model of efficiency. Those who were selected for "death" went to a barracks, ostensibly for "de-lousing. There their heads were shaved and all body hair removed, most frequently with dull razors, which caused acute pain. They then entered large shower-like chambers, some which could "process" 2, people at once.

The einsatzgruppen

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The particulars concerning these crimes are set forth in paragraphs 6 to 9, inclusive, of count one of this indictment and are incorporated herein by reference.

The acts and conduct of the defendants set forth in this count were committed unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly and constitute violations of international conventions, particularly of Articles 43 and 46 of the Regulations of the Hague Convention No.

IV,the Prisoner-of-War Convention Geneva,the laws and customs of war, the general principles of criminal law as derived from the criminal laws of all civilized nations, the internal penal laws of the countries in which such crimes were committed, and Article 11 of Control Council Law No.

Count Three - Members in Criminal Organizations All the defendants herein are charged with membership, subsequent to 1 Septemberin organizations declared to be criminal by the International Military Tribunal and paragraph I d of Article 11 of Control Council Law No.

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A All the defendants were members of the Schutzstaffeln der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei commonly known as the "SS". Wherefore, this indictment is filed with the Secretary General of the Military Tribunals and the charges herein made against the above-named defendants are hereby presented to the Military Tribunals.

Defendents Plea All defendants were charged on all counts. All defendants pleaded "not guilty".The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, “whole” and kaustós, “burnt”), also known as the Shoah (Hebrew: השואה, HaShoah, “the catastrophe”), was a genocide in which Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and its collaborators killed about six million Jews.

During the last five months of the Einsatzgruppen, supported by local collaborators from across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Ukraine, murdered over , Jews.

By December , 80 percent of the Jews of Lithuania had been murdered. At the beginning of May , potential recruits for the Einsatzgruppen gathered in the Border-Police School in Pretsch on the River Elbe, northeast of Leipzig.

Documentation of The Mass Murder of Lithuanian Jewry

Due to lack of space, some were accommodated in Duben and Bad-Schmiedberg. The Nazi murder machine operated at peak efficiency. Rudolf Hoess, the barbaric Commandant of Auschwitz, was a model of efficiency.

Those who were selected for "death" went to a barracks, ostensibly for "de-lousing." They were rushed naked – whatever the season of the year or weather conditions. The Einsatzgruppen operated under the administration of the Schutzstaffel (SS). Killing of Jews in Ivanhorod, Ukraine, A woman is attempting to protect a child with her own body just before they are fired upon with rifles at close range.

The einsatzgruppen

Following the formation of a raiding squad under the command of SS-Obersturmfuhrer Hamman and reliable men from the Einsatzkommando the following actions were conducted in cooperation with Lithuanian partisans.

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