Strategy formation and planning of nokia

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Strategy formation and planning of nokia

Internal and External Analyses Increase Production Capacity and Knowledge This includes developing, manufacturing and selling mobile communications products such as smartphones and standard mobile phones [1]. It is also involved in digital location content such as maps, traffic and location data through their wholly owned subsidiary NAVTEQ [2.

Nokia also has a joint-venture with Siemens which focuses on providing telecommunications infrastructure and solutions [3].

Net Sales by Reportable Segment [4] In terms of shipment volume, Nokia is leading the overall mobile phone device market with a This report is now going to show the findings of both internal and external analysis that was conducted for Nokia.

Nokia sells all products worldwide, however they focus on specific markets for different products. They can be divided into 4 main categories: Peripheral Resources, Base Resources, Core Resources and Breakthrough Resources, which can include physical, financial, human and intellectual resources.

Costly to Exploited by Resource Valuable? Both the breakthrough resources and capabilities can be found in the tables below. Nokia's Breakthrough Capabilities delivering Competitive Advantage 2. It shows in detail how resources and capabilities described in the previous section are being utilised to create added value which in turn can lead to competitive advantage [13].

This report looks at the value chains per SBU, however many resources and capabilities are shared and therefore combined in the following figure. Nokia's Value Chain BM Cost Resources Capabilities or Differantiation Figure 2: Competitive Advantage [32] Our internal analysis has shown that Nokia does not pursue one distinctive path but tries to combine the two.

Generic Strategies for Competitive Advantage [32] In conclusion it can be said that Nokia possess excellent breakthrough resources and capabilities, providing a great potential for a competitive advantage, however the core strategy has to be focused on their cost advantage or differentiation advantage.

This choice is also subject of external market pressures, which will be determined in the following section. Managerial Coordination of Acquisitions 1.

Lack of Strategic Direction core strategy and Strategic Alliances 2. Sophisticated Primary Value-Adding 3. Reactive mind-set to market pressures Activities 4. Too high line product diversification 4.

Flexibility in Corporate Government and 5. Established Brand and Market Knowledge innovation Table 5: The SBU of NAVTEQ will not be considered any further for this paper, since it is operated as a coordinated federation [33] and its management as a portfolio item does not give sufficient opportunities for strategic direction by Nokia.

Nokia needs to be aware of these forces in their strategy development process. Factor Key Issue Implications for Nokia 1. Mobile phone market 2.

Strategy formation and planning of nokia

Nokia have to work within market regulations and have to regulations conform; lack of flexibility 3. Costs of raw materials customer 3. Cost of raw materials influence overall costs 1. Nokia need to anticipate consumer demands and buyer behaviour preferences and includes these into their products Social 2.

Nokia need work with telecoms infrastructure providers to Technological [38] [39] enable new markets 2. Physical telecoms infrastructure Table 6: However, the growth has been extended due to the technical innovation of smartphones.Nokia's marketing strategy is failing because of a common marketing strategy mistake.

Here's what Nokia got wrong and what they need to fix to survive.

Nokia’s marketing strategy planning in India- MISSION: The mission of NOKIA in INDIA is to provide the customer with the best durable, economical stylish and low cost cell phone with best feature for the common use of customers.

Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, and Strategy Execution basics. Strategy Formulation and Planning Strategy formulation and strategic planning is the discipline we know and practice.

We help our clients to formulate strategy and, along the way, develop understanding and requisite skills to manage on their own. STRATEGIC FORMULATION OF NOKIA First mobile phones The Mobira Cityman , Nokia's NMT mobile phone from (left), compared to the Nokia from The Mobira Cityman line was launched in Essay on Nokia's India Strategy - Nokia in India Introduction Nokia, the global leader in mobile handsets had come a long way since it entered India in

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