Schindler s list personal reflection

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Schindler s list personal reflection

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When I place myself in the topographical and architectural environment, a combination of ambience, tone, flow, and energy all add to a greater sense of the spatial context.


Maybe my expectations were too high. Certainly they were doomed to disappointment. The factory today contains and exhibition, which was the purpose of the visit.

On entering the building and seeing the old metal truck full of tin plates and offcuts from the tin press my anticipation was heightened. It turned out that the reception area was to be the highlight.


For some reason the museum does not deal with the history of the building or the unique events that took place there. There is no attempt at historical preservation, but rather instead a heavy-duty installation fills the original spaces with all manner of synthetic environments. As I spend a great deal of time in museums I have a technique I use to review an exhibit.

First I walk through it — fast and without stopping. I see and feel the environment, get a sense of the story line or the key installations. Then I start over or leave if I have satisfied my curiosity or if it is so hopeless not to merit more of my time.

I walked through all three floors of the Schindler Factory. Once I got to the end, I was not quite sure what I had just seen.

Schindler s list personal reflection

The mishmash of environments from a waiting room, to tram car, to ghetto street, were arranged in a bewildering way with no clear narrative or visual strand. Moreover, I asked myself whatever happened toOskar Schindler?

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end this reflection with the words, “Whenever I’m lost, I’ll go to a church” (69).

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The last rainy street story or reflection in this collection is titled “Sarajevo Tale.” This is a powerful story of a man’s journey from despair to hope for the future. Spielberg drew more positive academic attention as he tried racial and historical themes in The Color Purple () and Schindler’s List ().

The first flowering of Spielberg scholarship came in the s with the appearance of surveys of his entire career to that point. Introduction. Why love Rocky?? “I’ll tell you why. ‘Cause I’m sentimental. And a lot of other people in this country are just as sentimental. And there’s nothing they’d like better than to see Apollo Creed give a local Philadelphia boy a shot at the greatest title in the world on this country’s biggest birthday.”.

The Boy On The Wooden Box: How the impossible became possible on Schindler’s List is a memoir by Leon Leyson with Marilyn J Harran and Elisabeth B. Leyson. Leon was one of the youngest Schindler Reviews:

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