A review of the day of the jackal by fredrick forsyth

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A review of the day of the jackal by fredrick forsyth

The remaining OAS leaders, now hiding in Austria, decide to make another attempt, and hire a professional British assassin, who chooses the code name "Jackal". They order several bank robberies to pay his fee: Meanwhile, the Jackal travels to Genoa and commissions a custom-made rifle and fake identity papers.

He kills the forger when the man tries to blackmail him. In Paris, he sneaks an impression of the key to a flat that overlooks the Place du 18 juin Wolenski dies under interrogation, but not before the agents have extracted some information about the plot, including the word "Jackal".

The Interior Minister convenes a secret cabinet meeting of the heads of the French security forces. When asked to provide his best detective, Police Commissioner Berthier recommends his deputy, Claude Lebel. Soon afterwards, Lebel is given special emergency powers to conduct his investigation, which is complicated by de Gaulle's refusal to change his planned public appearances.

Clair, a personal aide to the President and one of the cabinet members, discloses what the government knows to his mistress Denise, who passes this information on to her OAS contact. Meanwhile, Lebel determines that British suspect Charles Calthrop may be travelling under the name Paul Oliver Duggan, who died as a child, and has entered France.

Although he is told the authorities know about the plot, the Jackal carries on. He seduces the aristocratic Colette de Montpellier. Just before Lebel and his men arrive, the Jackal escapes and drives to Madame de Montpellier's country estate.

After sleeping with her again and discovering that the police have talked to her, he strangles de Montpellier.

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The Jackal then assumes the identity of a bespectacled Danish schoolteacher named Per Lundquist. He drives to the railway station and catches a train for Paris. After Madame de Montpellier's body is discovered and her car recovered at the railway station, Lebel initiates an open manhunt, no longer hindered by secrecy concerns.

The Jackal allows himself to be picked up at a gay bathhouse and taken to the man's flat. The next day, the Jackal kills his host after the man learns from a television broadcast that Lundquist is wanted for murder.

A review of the day of the jackal by fredrick forsyth

At a meeting with the Interior Minister's cabinet, Lebel states his belief that the Jackal will attempt to shoot de Gaulle three days later on Liberation Dayduring a ceremony honouring members of the French Resistance.

Later, Lebel plays a recording of a phone call, in which St. Clair's mistress gives information to her OAS contact. Clair leaves the meeting. Denise returns to St.


Clair's apartment to find that he has killed himself and that the police are waiting for her. On Liberation Day, the Jackal, disguised as an elderly veteran amputee, enters the building he had chosen earlier.

He assembles his rifle, hidden disassembled in one of his crutches, and waits at a window in an upper apartment. When Lebel finds out a policeman allowed a man to pass through the cordon, the two race to the building.

As de Gaulle presents the first medal, the Jackal shoots, but misses when the tall president suddenly leans down to kiss the recipient on the cheek. Lebel and the policeman burst in. The Jackal shoots the policeman, but Lebel kills him. The Jackal is buried in an unmarked grave.

While searching Charles Calthrop's flat, the police are confronted by its occupier who insists on accompanying them to Scotland Yard. He is later cleared, leading to the question:The Day of The Jackal - Frederick Forsythe *** This is my first book by Forsythe, he has always been one of those readers I meant to pick up, the blurbs always sound as if I will love the contents of the book, so what better place to introduce myself than by reading perhaps his most famous novel, The Day of the Jackal’.4/5(68).

Frederick Forsyth is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of seventeen novels, including The Day of the Jackal and The Odessa File, as well as short story collections and a memoir. A former Air Force pilot, and one-time print and television reporter for the BBC, he has had four movies and two television miniseries made from his works/5(K).

Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review “Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth” Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. The Day of the Jackal – the hit we nearly missed Charles Cumming Forty years on, few books have changed the literary landscape like Frederick Forsyth's political thriller.

In , Frederick Forsyth published a novel that revolutionized the spy-thriller genre. He was a journalist in Paris when French President Charles de Gaulle granted independence to Algeria in Angry French militants vowed to assassinate the president.

Fredrick Forsyth’s The Day of The Day of the Jackal, written by Fredrick Forsyth, is a fictional novel that displays the author’s brilliance by setting a mood and connecting you with the characters.

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